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communication is the key to successOn the Narconon program, the biggest game-changers for the addict in terms of his relationships are the life skills courses. These courses are designed to systematically take a student through every area of life, confronting what he did or didn’t do, that he was supposed to have done.  Very simply put, on these courses Narconon students realize just what kind of negative impacts they have created while addicted and then learn how they can make up the damage in those areas with the people they have harmed.

The self-paced design of the Narconon Life Skills Courses lets each individual work at their own pace, addressing topics in the areas of life specific to their individual needs.  Many addicts have let life go to pieces; not caring what they did and who they hurt along the way.  While beginning to repair this may seem impossible at first, the step-by-step gradient of each course allows them to easily confront their “trouble” areas of life and begin to repair them. Gradually each student becomes more and more willing to handle even the toughest situations and begin to see that they are making great strides toward a happy and healthy life.

The goal of these courses it to raise an individual’s responsibility level and self-determinism about life to a point where they can start designing a drug-free future.

The key is getting them to see that they CAN and ARE solving their own problems.  Once they are successful in doing that, it is inevitable that they will realize that if they apply these new life skills, they do not ever have to use drugs to solve their problems.  Once that responsibility level is reached, they gain the confidence to create a sane, sober and successful life.

Here is a great description from a recent student who realized he can now communicate with anyone, work things out with communication and become the person he used to be without drugs:

“After doing the Up’s and Downs portion of the program I realized that when I used drugs, I was the anti-social person in my life. This is another reason why I want to stay off of drugs and become the person I used to be.

When I finished analyzing the most important and active members currently in my life, I had to handle all the harm I had caused them. After doing all this, I realized that Communication is Key.  Instead of making assumptions, just lay everything on the table.  When both people can fully understand each other, they can better work towards a solution they will both be happy with!

I will continue to do this with those in my life now and whoever I meet in the future.”


Life skills are usually taught to children by their parents. Sometimes they’re not. Whatever the situation may have been, all addicts share something in common:

Whether they were taught life skills or not, they lack the ability to confront the problems of life without chemicals. At some point, drugs became THE solution. Without the drugs they deemed themselves powerless. The Narconon program not only gives addicts the skills they need to face and handle their issues, it helps them finally become causative over their entire lives!


At the beginning of every addict’s drug use, they simply experimented with drugs. It was either offered by a friend, given at a party or prescribed by a doctor. Once the person took the drugs and felt their effects, they had a thought:

“I can do anything!!!”  (feels self-confident)

“I’m awesome and a rock star!!!”  (doesn’t feel like such a klutz)

“Whoa! I can think better and stay up all night studying.”  (feels smarter and that he can study)

“I feel so good for a change!!!”  (no physical or emotional pain)

The drug solved some sort of problem the person was having. Now they feel as though they live better with the drug than without it.  They are not “addicts” at this point, they are just “users” and feel like they can control their usage.  After a while, physical dependency sets in and the person gets sick if they don’t “use”.  Now they are an “addict”.  So they continue using no matter what happens or who they hurt and do whatever they have to do to make sure they have their drugs.  If they don’t, they’re in pain.  Morals, ethics and integrity are thrown to the wind and go completely out the window. In the addict’s mind, they are doing what they need to do to not be uncomfortable.  They don’t even get “high” anymore!  To family, friends, co-workers, etc. they look completely out of their mind and are barely recognizable anymore. The once well put-together, educated and charismatic person who had a lust for life is now a pale, malnourished, untrustworthy dope-fiend.

Some addicts are lucky enough to make it to a rehabilitation center alive, albeit barely. Others aren’t so lucky and don’t make it at all.  Some families have to deal with the death of their loved one. The family is scarred permanently; blaming themselves and wondering what they could have done differently. The stark reality of addiction is that you absolutely cannot force a person to help themselves. Some addicts get beat up enough by the lifestyle that they kiss the floor of the treatment center once they arrive, so grateful to their families for helping them.

A number of drug addicts, after many failures, false hopes and broken families, have found their solution at Narconon Suncoast.  Narconon is the oldest program of its kind and has been around since the 1960’s. Narconon does not consider a person an addict for life nor looks at its students as “diseased.” The addicts are called “students” instead of “patients” because they are learning how to live life again free of drugs. While an addict’s own religion is important, the Narconon program does not require faith or belief for them to become drug-free for good.

Instead of being made to admit they are “powerless” over their addiction, the program puts the drug use, damage and the whole situation onto the addict themselves as their own responsibility. Essentially, it is their behavior, poor choices and inability to face life’s problems that created their addiction. Their self-determinism is the only force powerful enough to allow them to quit using. The students are gotten off drugs without being put on other drugs, fully detoxed using a proprietary sauna detoxification method and taught how to live life again, repair the past and finally move forward in life.

This video features a recent Narconon Suncoast graduate and details her struggle through addiction and how the program saved her life and put her back on the road to success!

Musician helps addicts get soberOften enough, people ask me:

“Why do you do what you do?” or

“What made you want to work at Narconon?”

I wish there was a simple answer to that question. But, there isn’t.

Throughout my life, I have gone in many different directions, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with what I do now. When I was little, I wanted to be a Paleontologist, a teacher, a physical therapist, then I wanted to be a music teacher, and so on and so on. I eventually found myself working for a sheet metal company in a small Pennsylvania town. At this point in my life, I was pretty lost and waiting for someone to find me or at least, for me to find myself.

I remember that I always had a love for music. By the time I was 20, I could play 8 instruments. The people that were closest to me would complement my playing and say that I was some sort of “musical genius”. I don’t know if I ever really played into that or not, but the complement was really cool. Anyway, I had gone to college at Youngstown State University to study Music Education. I did well, at first. I made it 3 semesters before I dropped out because of terrible grades and truancy. One thing always stuck out to me though… I always had this feeling inside of me that I wanted to help people. I liked helping people and would go out of my way to help others and expect nothing in return. I would talk to my parents about this and my dad would say:

“You must get that from your mom” (she was a kindergarten teacher).

As life progressed, things got worse and worse for me. The only things I seemed to have were my family, my music, a good work ethic and my drive to want to live. I eventually got down to Florida and did the Narconon Program in 2013. It got me cleaned up and helped me organize my life, but, one question still remained unanswered:

What was I going to do with my life after rehab?

To be honest, I could have done anything I wanted. For the first time in years, I felt like I had the world at my finger-tips. I could have went off to any university and majored in music again and got my degree and go play music for a living. I could have went to engineering school. I didn’t do that either.

I ended up staying at Narconon and making it onto the staff team. This took me a few months to achieve. Looking back on it, all of the passions I had in my life all boiled down to one thing; I just wanted to help people and I wanted to give them the same kindness and consideration that was given to me. The Narconon Program made sense to me. I could learn from it and I could use what I learned. I found myself easily able to convey the technology of the Narconon Program to other people. At that point, I knew what I needed to do. I know I said that this question of “why did I choose to work at Narconon” didn’t have a simple answer, but it does… I wanted to help make the world a better place, one person at a time. This was really important to me and it still is.

I was given the chance to do this and I took it and ran. I never looked back nor do I ever intend to. Working at Narconon is the best job I could have ever asked for.

Johnny L.

PRESS RELEASE JUL 27, 2016 09:19 EDT


pressreleaseJuly2016Drug education has always been one of the core missions of the Narconon facility. The Drug Education program utilized by Narconon programs focus on providing real information about the harmful effects of drug use in an enjoyable, fun, and entertaining format.

Clearwater, FL, July 27, 2016 ( – Narconon Suncoast shared its drug prevention message with hundreds of Clearwater families this weekend at the first annual Downtown Clearwater Block Party. All too often summer brings countless opportunities for children to experiment with drugs and alcohol and start unhealthy habits that lead to addiction. Nearly a million teens will have their first drink of alcohol and more than 150,000 will start using marijuana. Countering this, Narconon Suncoast opened its “Count on Me to be Drug-Free” booth at the first annual Downtown Clearwater Block Party.

Children enjoyed the drug prevention information, signed a Drug-Free Pledge and picked up school supplies for the coming year. “Nothing is more important than parents giving their kids a consistent, drug-free message at home” said Yvonne Rodgers, spokesperson for Narconon Suncoast. “The messages I heard at my school were confusing and often piqued kids’ curiosity about drugs, rather than giving them the truth about drugs. When I saw the Narconon drug prevention materials, I knew that this straight-up, realistic message was what is often missing to help parents start what can be an uncomfortable conversation.”

With new varieties of synthetic drugs and marijuana becoming more plentiful in every neighborhood, Narconon Suncoast is doubling its prevention efforts and offering more prevention materials on-line. The goal is to reach children with factual prevention information for all the drugs youth might encounter. Drug trends change so rapidly that youth must be aware of the dangers of all drugs, not just a few.

“Nothing is more important than parents giving their kids a consistent, drug-free message at home.” YVONNE RODGERS, SPOKESPERSON

Narconon’s drug-free summer program also includes complimentary parent education seminars at their center on Sunset Point Road in Clearwater and weekly Living Sober meetings in Dunedin for those in recovery. These meetings and seminars help reinforce the key factors to living a healthy, drug-free life. The Living Sober meetings also provide drug prevention information for families and coaching on how to talk to a loved one about an addiction. August’s topic is Helping vs. Enabling an Addict. All are welcome to attend. To learn the schedule for these meetings, contact Narconon Suncoast.

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