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Drug Ed BryanThe current, mainstream Drug Education programs that exist are lacking real data about drugs and alcohol and an effective way of presenting their message. The information given by these programs are designed to scare kids straight, hoping they will never get drunk or high, for fear of their own mortality.

These programs visit schools nationwide to deliver an anti-drug message in the hopes of keeping children sober. The prevention steps taken by these programs involves showing slideshows of fatal D.U.I. accidents, morgue photos of victims of overdoses and giving outdated information about drugs.

While this is a good attempt to keep children and teens drug-free, it’s highly unrealistic that it will actually work. The reality of the situation is that most kids ARE going to drink and try drugs. It’s the current state of our society. Drugs are prevalent in the news media and musicians and actors glamorize them.

According to a recent Narconon graduate:

“The first night I ever got drunk, I decided those lectures were nothing more than a cool shirt to wear and my brain had most certainly not turned into scrambled eggs after drinking beer. I decided that alcohol was being unfairly slandered by the media and I was going to be damned if I didn’t prove to all of those D.A.R.E. counselors that they were wrong when they said it was bad for you!”


Kid’s hear messages of “get high to be creative” or “alcohol makes it easier to get lucky” and they run with it. Their “heroes” are actually telling them to get high or drink as a solution to a lack of creativity or being nervous to ask someone out or dating in general. Basically, the media and celebrities are teaching kids that drugs and alcohol are a solution to their problems. This is where addiction is born; a person tries a drug, thinks “wow, this stuff is great” and then a little while later, life shakes them up a bit and after a series of bad decisions, the person can’t go more than a few hours at a time without their drug of choice. They tear their families apart, lose their dignity and self-respect and one day, they look at their reflection in a dirty mirror in a public bathroom after shooting up and think “where did I go wrong?”

What’s needed is more drug education that is realistic and gives real information about drugs, alcohol and addiction. More programs are needed that don’t “fear monger” our youth and make them sign meaningless pledges to stay drug free.

The Narconon program has an effective and well-established alcohol and drug education curriculum. Recently, Narconon Suncoast participated in the 11th Annual Back to School Health and Wellness Event in Clearwater, FL. Staff members handed out drug prevention information and school supplies, delivering a real anti-drug message from people that have “walked the walk” and come out of addiction themselves.

There’s something more organic and realistic when a recovered addict talks to kids about the actual dangers of using drugs and the impact addiction can have on their lives.

“One joint may not kill you but one day, you might wake up as a sick, disheveled heroin addict. And it can all come back to that one joint.”

Narconon Suncoast prides itself as being an active member of the Clearwater community and offers drug rehabilitation and education services to anyone who may need it. Narconon Suncoast’s Staff have a passion for drug addiction prevention and they are doing everything they can to prevent the creation of a new generation of addicts that can be so easily prevented.

For More information on Narconon Suncoast’s Drug Education Curriculum, call 1-888-968-2124 today!

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Scott MWhen I came to Narconon, I was scared, apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect. I did know that I needed help and that my life was slipping away. I’ve spent my whole career helping others and I was a broken man. I was very lucky to have a supportive wife and family who wanted to see me beat my addiction.

When I first arrived and went into the program, I was very anxious and not very fun to be around. I have to thank the staff for helping me through those first, difficult days.

As I moved through the program, each step really helped me and each was better than the last. Sauna helped to remove the cravings I had battled with for years. It also helped to give me a sense of calmness and I finally felt good again. I am so grateful for that!

The rest of the program helped me tremendously. It helped me to better communicate with others and raised my awareness of things I never paid much mind to before. I finally have the tools I need to be a sober and successful person. I am now able to go home and be a better husband, be a better father and be a better grandfather.

I feel great! I feel confident! And I’m really excited about my new life!


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