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Seven years ago, I learned that my only son was addicted to drugs. This would change my life forever and his.
Upon learning of this tragedy, my devastation led me to force him into rehab after rehab which devastated his spirit and mine. It seemed as though he just went through the motions and after completing each program, he went back to the same habits he was so desperate to overcome. Finally, three and a half years ago, I detached from him. It truly was the most horrible thing I had ever had to do in my life but all the professionals helped me to do it to save his life. After a year, John had hit rock bottom. No money, no family, no love, nothing.
One day, my phone rang and it was my son. He asked me for help and wasn’t forced into getting help. He said, “Mom, I can’t go to a meeting every day and say that I am an addict and feel horrible about myself for the rest of my life.” It was at this point that we decided to find “non-traditional” rehabilitation. We found Narconon and thank God we did!
My son has learned he has the power within himself. He is the center of his own universe. This is what Narconon has empowered my son to feel; hope, control and peace. I am convinced that this program and its philosophies truly saved my son’s life. Without it, I am afraid of what would have happened to Johnny. This program has also helped me to look at addiction differently and helped me to accept my son, his philosophies and his sobriety in a very positive and loving manner.
If you, or a loved one can’t seem to find an answer to your addiction, Narconon will help you find that answer and help you to become the person that you have always been and who you were meant to be. Thank you, Narconon, for saving my son!
— Marcia L.

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Before doing the Narconon program, my life was in shambles. For a solid nine years of my life, I was destroying myself with drugs. During that time there was very little communication with my family. They knew who and what I had become but I didn’t want them to see it.

Arriving to so the Narconon program I saw how much the staff cared about helping the students. Then going through the New Life Detox, I can honestly say I have never felt so good in my life. I had an energy, a drive, and an attitude to do well. Physically and mentally, I had never felt better before.

After going through the Narconon Life Skills courses, I had a new outlook on life. I didn’t live with guilt anymore and I learned tools on how to live my life as a healthy, drug-free person.

I feel I now have a purpose in life and this motivates me every day to do the best I can at whatever I choose. The Narconon program saved my life.

I am forever grateful.


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Dear Veterans,

Veterans make up a large portion of the population of individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in the US. Drugs, both pain relievers and psychotropic medications, are the go-to solution for a military that needs its soldiers back on the line sooner rather than later. Drugs seem to be the only solution to dealing with the anxiety, insomnia and nightmares a person experiences during and after returning from deployment.

At Narconon we are committed to saving lives and ending the scourge of addiction. Through our proven rehabilitation technology, the Narconon program will help you regain control of your life and deal with your past traumas. Our sauna detoxification program will not only get the harmful drugs out of your system but also remove the toxic chemicals you may have been exposed to during your tour. The life skills section of our program will help you once again become mentally and emotionally stable while giving you valuable life skills and one-on-one counseling.

As a veteran, you have committed your lives to protecting your fellow Americans, our country and our freedom and we thank and salute you. Because of your sacrifice we are offering a 40% discount for Veterans on all program services in appreciation for your service.

Here’s an amazing success story from a Veteran:

“The cognitive part of the program taught me the way out is the way through. Happiness is not given, it is earned – by confronting your demons and doing right by yourself and your loved ones. I have not only become mentally tougher, but have become spiritually stronger through putting in the work and allowing the cognitive part of the program to do its job.

I feel that I have been set free from a cluttered mind and negative thoughts. I am able to take control of my emotions and have made present time my best friend.  I know I will have rough days ahead, but I finally feel equipped to handle the adversity and push through to a solution. I have learned that my life is my responsibility, and when things don’t go my way I must take charge and handle it with a clear mind.

This program has tied in everything for me. As I did each step on the program, I felt every previous step coming into place. Being in present time, with solid communication, the confidence that I can have anything, control over my mind, body and spirit, and the ability to follow directions, I now feel like a well-oiled machine, who has been repaired from being dysfunctional, to being in pristine working condition.

The program gave me my confidence back, I feel like my brains been rewired. I see and feel the change in myself. I finally feel like I am ready to live a prosperous life. I am prepared to honor myself and my loved ones. I am fully capable of contributing a positive influence on all dynamics in my life and I am ready to show to the world the reinvented me.

I thought I could never change, but this program proved me wrong. I am ready to enjoy my life now.”


For more information call Jason at 727-304-4176 or email at

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randi-drug-rehab-graduate-2The holidays were always a very difficult time of the year for me.  A few years ago, I lost my best friend on Thanksgiving Day due to a heroin overdose and almost immediately after he passed, I tried heroin for the first time.  I had plans to marry him and I had no idea how to handle my devastation.


For years prior to that event, I had been struggling with self-esteem issues and had met many doctors and therapists who diagnosed me with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder.  Most of the time they insisted the main cause of these disorders was a chemical imbalance in my brain, though I was never give a scan and no proof was ever provided of a “chemical imbalance”.


I was fed many prescription medications and spent a lot of time in counseling and once I became a heroin addict, I was also doing 12-step almost every day.  None of these things that were supposed to help me ever did.  In fact, I progressively felt worse about myself and about my life.


Initially I felt as though drugs helped me feel and handle life better, but eventually I grew to realize it was only making everything so much worse.  I decided the only solution was to put an end to it all.  Exactly one year, one month, one week ago I woke up to the day I was going to commit suicide.  I had everything planned out and set up and I had no doubt in my mind it was the only way to put myself out of my misery.  The moment it would have been the final one, my mom popped into my head.  I saw my best friend’s mom bury her 21-year old son and as badly as I wanted to follow through with it I couldn’t make my mother go through what my best friend’s mom did and bury her baby girl.  I stopped myself, broke down to my mom and begged for help-REAL help.  She found Narconon.


I got through my withdrawal drug free and to my surprise, quite quickly and painlessly.  I moved on from there to sauna detox, a program set up to rid my body of all drugs and other toxic impurities.  This process not only did that but it also gave me my energy and vitality back again.  With the toxins removed and no longer affecting my mind, I found I had a tremendous emotional boost and mental clarity.  I spent the rest of my program obtaining new skills and gaining new abilities to handle life.  This gave me self-control, integrity, purpose, an ethical code, confidence and a completely new outlook on myself and my life.  I arrived at Narconon in pieces engulfed in despair and I left whole and at peace.


Today I am celebrating the holidays sober and sincerely happy.  I wake up every morning with drive; I spend every day being productive and I go to sleep every night with fulfillment.  Had it not been for Narconon, I would be dead and my loved ones would be attempting to get through the holidays without me right now.  My life is based on my decisions — it always has been and it always will be.  I chose death when I used drugs.  I chose survival when I went to Narconon.  I am so proud to say that I am a Narconon Graduate and I am a survivor.

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