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Effective Holistic Programs for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine users say that no high is as good as the first one – but they keep chasing that first high.

Drug abusers believe they can quit anytime because stopping cocaine doesn’t cause painful withdrawal symptoms. But cocaine is powerfully addictive, so abusers need the support of a drug and alcohol treatment program that can address cocaine addiction as an emotional and mental dependency.

Pat didn’t think he needed rehab. He didn’t think he was addicted either – he just liked the way cocaine made him feel, It wasn’t until his wife filed for divorce that he even considered rehab.

Most traditional rehabs would put Pat through the steps, convince him he had a life long disease, or worse – put him on endless rounds of meds.

Luckily for Pat, the holistic rehab a friend recommended was able to support his recovery and help him to understand why he’d become a prisoner to the drug.

The problem appeared to be lack of will power or his reason, because he ‘liked it’. Yet how could anyone keep going back to a drug which destroyed his family, wrecked his career and turned him into a person focused on one thing: getting another hit sooner or later. He secretly believed he could never become free of coke. He was wrong.

Cocaine addicts beat their mental and emotional addiction to coke or crack every day, some who are driven need a cure more than water to drink or air to breathe. Pat, like many cocaine addicts found recovery through a non 12 step program called Narconon.

Cocaine can be smoked (as “crack”), snorted, smoked or injected. Sometimes it’s combined with other kinds of drugs, particularly alcohol. Cocaine acts directly on the brain’s production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood and emotion, and causes feelings of euphoria, energy and superiority.

Although Pat told himself he’d quit tomorrow, the drug had created a dependence on cocaine within the brain itself. In rehab, he worked with counselors to understand the mechanisms of his addiction and learn and practice the life skills he needed to relax, feel good, break bad habits and even prosper, therefore loosing the need to get high or use.

In Narconon treatment centers, treatment plans are highly individualized, designed to address the unique issues of every user. Holistic approaches to addiction provide a basis for healthy recovery by rebuilding the body and the mind through practices such as healthy eating, exercise and life skills and a better understanding behind the addictive mind and how to resolve it.

Other aspects of cocaine addiction treatments involve reversing the damaging physical effects and mind altering craziness he’d endured by using. Narconon’s program was so completely different from any other rehab programs he’d tried or heard about that Pat didn’t fully understand the program until he’d experienced the entire program for himself.

It’s like driving through hell or a dark tunnel, and you only see and realize you’ve been in a cave until you’re out and can look at the mountain of crap you’ve been living inside of. Getting through and out of that cave called cocaine addiction is what the specialized programs accomplish.

Daily lifestyle changes to support staying clean helped Pat win back the losses he’d suffered and regain his self respect: his best gain of the program. Participants like Pat learn how they got addicted and how to make small and large changes in behavior and thinking that can help them to avoid using in the future.

Recovery and rehabilitation is worth working hard for. But it’s important to realize, rehab is to enable one to begin living again as a person free of drugs, alcohol and therefore the possibility of future addiction.

Join us.

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