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10 Steps to Getting Your Loved One Into Treatment



Getting a loved one to agree to enter into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, at first, can seem to be an uphill battle.

Some addicts become so completely ruined by their drug and alcohol abuse that entering into treatment offers a much needed reprieve from their agonizing lifestyle. There are other’s, however, who completely reject the idea of rehabilitation, are in complete denial of their problem and fear the idea of facing life without being high or drunk.

With their whole lives crumbling around them, many addicts’ families beg and plead with their loved one to get help and to take control of their lives. When faced with strong resistance, families become overwhelmed and frustrated, not knowing the appropriate way to handle the situation.

“Should we kick her out?”

“Do we turn our backs on our only son?”

“Well, he can stay at home. If he’s going to use I’d rather him be here in case he overdoses.”

The common dilemma for many families is not knowing how to handle a loved one who won’t get help. Once a wall is hit and nothing is working, families find themselves conceding to their loved one and no help is gotten.

The above video lists 10 basic steps to get a loved one to accept help and enter in a rehabilitation program. It is no easy task by any means and the advice laid out in the video may prove helpful to many families in need.

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