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Tampa Bay Magazine Highlights New Narconon Suncoast Center


Article taken from the Tampa Bay Magazine January/February 2016 issue:

Sitting on seven acres, the new Narconon facility in Clearwater is designed to deliver Narconon’s technology that uses specially designed spaces for drug-free withdrawal. Here, they offer one-on-one care and personalized attention that may be needed to accomplish long-term success.

The students who enroll in this program learn to live drug-free lives, as they are provided with the stability and comfort they need to enable them to become free of their addictions and to rebuild their lives without a dependency on drugs.

A critical step in this program is their New Life Detoxification area that features a fitness center and saunas to help students sweat out the toxic drug residues that tend to drive their cravings to return to their former state. Proper nutrition and rest during this phase of the program is essential. The next step is the Life Skills courses that are designed to build the students’ knowledge so that they can lead a successful drug-free life.


The long-term success of this program is dependent upon the students’ abilities to relax and rebuild that this environment nurtures. Rest and nutritious dining help to speed recovery, as students repair themselves in this stress-free environment.

The need for this type of treatment for addicts becomes increasingly obvious each day, as we see more and more individuals going through rehab programs and then, within a short time, reverting back to their previous problems. Obviously, the only way to determine if a particular program is effective is to be able to measure the results by the number of graduates that do not return to their addictions over an extended period of time. Temporary solutions turn out to be no solution at all. If Narconon has developed systems that, in fact, do have lasting benefits, then they may well be what is needed to help this ever-growing problem of addiction that seems to be overpowering many of today’s youth.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Narconon Suncoast is located at 1390 Sunset Point
Road in Clearwater, (877) 841-5509. For more information, visit


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