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Why Would Anyone Work in Rehab?

Staff are here to helpAddiction is a lonely place. As an addict looks at himself in a dirty mirror in a public restroom; fresh blood trickling down his arm with a bent, burnt spoon resting on the sink, he thinks to himself:

“No one out there knows what this feels like.”

“I’m so alone.”

“I can’t believe I did it again.”

Despite the shame and guilt addicts feel after having gotten high, most of the time it’s not enough to keep them sober and prevent them from going right back to the dope dealers house to pick up another bundle.

Most people view addict’s behavior as crazy; why would a person put themselves through so much pain and misery just for an hour or two of relief? It’s extraordinarily hard to describe addiction to a person who’s never gone through it. While families experience frustration, addicts are equally frustrated trying to explain to their family why they’ve done what they’ve done to no avail. Which is why they say:

“No one gets me.”

“My family will never understand.”

“God, they just don’t get it.”

It’s hard to explain to someone why you would pawn a $400 television for $50 or why you’d miss your mom’s birthday waiting for your dealer to finally show up.

There really isn’t any way to understand the complete despair, horrendous withdrawals or intense cravings and addict suffers if you haven’t “walked in those shoes.”

At Narconon, we believe that ex-drug addicts can become some of the best addiction counselors simply because they understand addiction from their own experience and are inspired to help others down the road to recovery. When an addict sits across from them describing how they’re “jonesing” for a line or a shot, they know what it feels like. They’ve been there, done that.

Having gotten over their addictions and turned lives around, Narconon graduates often decide to dedicate their lives to helping other addicts who are in the same position they were in. They know all too well the pain and misery addiction brings. They know how scary it is that first day a person walks through the doors of a treatment center, beaten and battered from the lifestyle they had been maintaining.

As one staff member said, “There were people there for us the day we decided to make a change when we arrived in our dirty clothes, battered lives and a broken spirit. Someone told us:  ‘Hey, it’s going to be okay, trust me, I went through it.’ Once I got my life back together I knew that I wanted to become that person for someone else.  My work at Narconon has given me a strength and purpose I never thought I had. I know I can help get someone off drugs and help them regain their life’s purpose too!”

This kind of empathy and first-hand knowledge of addiction coupled with their professional training sets Narconon Staff apart from staff of other treatment centers. Many of the staff were once substance abusers, have gone through the Narconon program, completely turned their lives around and made it their life’s calling to help other addicts to put their lives back together.

People will ask us why we put “blood, sweat and tears” into what we do. The answer is simple: we want to help others, as others helped us. We went through it too. We know what addiction is like and better yet, we know life after drugs. We know recovery IS possible and addicts CAN recover!

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