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Can Drug-Free Recovery Last?

Be Drug Free For GoodNarconon Suncoast operates on the principal that anyone can end their addiction, become more responsible and create a new drug-free life.  We also believe addiction is neither inherited nor an incurable disease requiring indefinite treatment.  For over 50 years, Narconon has been helping people end their addictions without the use of replacement medications.  Full recovery is possible.

Each graduate leaves with a detailed aftercare plan for the following six months of their life, mapping out the steps they need to take to build a drug-free life.  This individualized aftercare program and two-year follow-up helps the majority of graduates remain sober and successful in creating the best life yet.

One of the reasons graduates are able to maintain their sobriety is because they leave with a detailed aftercare plan which the graduate officer helps them complete.   By the time they complete the program, they have had the opportunity to examine all the elements of a good, sober life, even what an exceptional life would look like now that they are free of the bondage of their addictions.  The majority of graduates report being able to create lives they never thought possible before.

Another thing that sets the Narconon Program apart from other recovery programs is we do not believe relapse is part of recovery.  Instead we focus on the steps needed to help create sobriety and build the solid, drug-free life that the students have envisioned for themselves.  Since you get what you put your attention on in life, why not focus on the good things and strengthen those areas?  This includes the successful recovery action of learning what it takes to confront the not-so-good parts of life and how to handle those influences.

Along with knowing what they want their recovered life to look like, the Narconon program helps graduates create a good external support system.  During the Life Skills courses, the student will learn to identify the positive people who have similar goals and are true friends.  Being able to look at who they hung around with and who they want to hang around with in the future, is a very eye-opening exercise. Especially when examined against the backdrop of the damage they had previously done to themselves and others when they didn’t choose to hang around with people who truly “had their backs.”  It is amazing to see how quickly someone’s life turns around and how successful they can be when they associate with social people who have similar, successful life goals.

This is also the point where the graduate gets to apply, in real life, the new communication skills they’ve learned at Narconon.  Graduates often report back how they were able to handle with certainty and confidence a person who used to create problems for them. Most families notice a distinct difference in how their loved one speaks with them and more importantly, how they listen.  Communication skills are practiced throughout the program with the end result of someone who can express their interests, get people interested in similar goals and create their best lives yet.

Creating the ideal scene in life is not always an easy process.  It takes perseverance and dedication to goals and a willingness to work on a sober future every day.

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