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Drug Dogs are a Key Component to Narconon’s In-patient Treatment Success

shooterEach of the Narconon residential addiction treatment centers now has a four-legged chief of security included on their staff.  The purpose is of course to keep the center safe from in-coming illegal substances and let the students know everything is going to be just fine.

When an addict makes the decision to come to rehab, the majority decide to get high a few last times, often arriving intoxicated to the max.  “It seemed the only way to confront getting off drugs and alcohol was to do it high,” said one student at Narconon Suncoast.  “At several of the 28-day centers I’d gone to it was really easy to sneak in pills and some pot. Not at Suncoast. Shooter sniffed it out and left me to do a real drug-free program. I guess I’m really grateful to him, because otherwise I would have messed up my chances and never gotten sober at all!”

Our drug detection hound, Shooter is a beagle who has been training on detecting drugs since he was 8 weeks old.  He is on property every day and helps staff security go through every new arrivals’ belongings, sniffs deliveries, mail, packages, and even guests.  He sniffs his way through the center each day including course rooms, student bedrooms, common areas and even the kitchen in search of any substance that might interfere with a student’s drug-free rehabilitation program.

The combination of having a professionally trained drug dog on premises and doing random drug testing helps Narconon Suncoast ensure that we can maintain a truly drug-free environment.  Additionally Shooter adds an extra element to the program.  If anyone gets nervous around him, it’s time to find out why.

His playful, loving, yet watchful disposition allows him to be a pet therapy dog.  He notices more than most humans can and reacts accordingly.   He has a unique ability to calm anyone who pets him and gets their tail wagging!  As the clients reach the end of their stay with us they are also allowed to do rounds with him and take him for walks on our beautiful 7-acre property.

If you or someone you know needs to give up their drugs and handle their addiction in a drug-free environment, please give us a call.  Shooter will be more than glad to welcome them and help ensure they make it through the program safely without any drugs.

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