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“Getting to look at my life, I was able to find out the reasons why I use drugs.”

Family successWhen I came to Narconon I had been taking painkillers for two years.  When I got into withdraw I felt rotten, but the staff were there for me to help me through the process and feel better.  Next I started sauna and was looking forward to sweating some of the toxins out of my body.  By week two of the sauna I noticed a big change and started to sleep peacefully through the night.  I was feeling like myself again, the way I did before I started using drugs.

When I got to the Life Skills program I felt normal again, actually like I was 15 again, before I had done drugs.  Sitting down one on one with the ethics staff helped me realize a lot of things about myself.  It helped me be able to communicate honestly with my wife.  I also realized that I had been being a selfish person who didn’t really care about anyone else but me.  Getting to look at my life, I was able to find out the reasons why I use drugs.  I got to talk with my wife and find out what she really needs and wants from me when I get home.

I am confident that I can use this information in my everyday life to do what’s right for me and my family. I know I can leave Narconon and go back home and be successful with my life!


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