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Delphi Florida High School Students Get LEGIT Scoop on Drugs

Delphi high school student get drug prevention

This past Friday, Delphi Senior High School students toured Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation Center receiving a first-hand account of how addiction starts and how the Narconon program ends it. While many schools may have given up on keeping their students drug-free, Delphi Florida decided to take their drug prevention efforts a step further and let students witness first-hand what happens when prevention messages fail and addiction takes hold of someone’s life. Students participated in an inter-active presentation of the Narconon Drug-free treatment and prevention model and listened to two former addicts share their powerful stories of addiction. No questions were left unanswered as the students got legitimate answers on tough questions about how even casual, experimental use can lead to horrendous addictions as well as what recovery really takes.

“I really wanted to do this talk and let these kids know how quickly your life can change.” said one of the former addicts. “I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I made so that they can live a life without drugs. None of my actions were worth the resulting pain. No high, no “good time” made any of the destruction worth it in the end. I want kids to know that!” The same former addict spoke of the positive high school goals she had before drugs as she had a good chance at being accepted into Julliard where she planned to study to become a production artist. Those dreams and opportunities were eroded by every hit that she took and every beer she drank. The slide into a reckless life with the singular goal of her next high, riveted the young listeners.

One student remarked, “ I had no idea that addiction can take over your life that quickly and how bad it can get. You hear people talk about casual use and weekend parties, but the movies and media don’t usually focus on the unglamorous reality of drugs.” Another student said “Hearing these former addicts tell their stories made me realize how much bigger the drug problem is, because it hits the entire family, not just the addict.”

drug-rehab-doing-prevention“The cost of their addiction was pretty intense. Losing everything in a short amount of time and then having to make it back was impressive!” commented another student. “They’ve handled a lot of things. I’m glad they were willing to share their stories with us”
Colin Taufer headmaster of Delphi Florida said, “Thank you for these incredibly personal and powerful stories. I wanted our students to not only see the side of addiction from people who have been there, but also see that there are effective solutions for people who become addicted. Narconon has done a great job restoring these peoples’ lives.”

Narconon has been rehabilitating addicts for 50 years. Addictions can be ended and it is possible to create a sober future for good. Drug prevention has always been one of Narconon’s foremost goals. By sharing the real truth about drugs, Narconon prevention programs have helped thousands of young people stay away from drugs and end the possibility of addiction before it ever starts.

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April 26, 2016

Cathy (Davis) Witt @ 9:43 pm #

I just came across this article and was so happy to see a picture of my son being a part of the solution. While I miss him like crazy, he looks very well there. Thank you Narconon for all you have done for him and for me. I am eternally grateful.

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