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DUIs, Alcohol Related Accidents and Fatalities All Tend to Peak During the Holiday Season

drinking alcohol during the holidays

Holiday parties leave ample opportunity and excuse for addicts to use more than they normally would. The result is often an unexpected binge-related drug overdose of fatal accident.

With this in mind, Cathy Steiner, Executive Director of the newly opened Narconon Suncoast Rehabilitation center in Clearwater, Florida urges families to act on the first signs of drug addiction. Steiner warns “If you have an addict in your family, get them into treatment now.  Families know there will be no peace or joy until the addict can learn to break free from their addiction and start a new life.  At Narconon, we work harder than ever around the holidays, because we know how stressful it is to have an addict at home during this season.  We do everything we can to help families find placement now, instead of waiting for the next DUI or accident to happen.” The holidays have a way of bringing out the worst parts of addiction, creating strife and unrest at a time when all everyone really want is to get along and celebrate life.  Steiner says “with an addict in your home, the family can never know what to expect from one day to the next. And the holidays seem to create a greater emotional rollercoaster for those addicted and their loved ones.”

narconon-during-holidaysThe Holidays are the time of year when well-hidden addictions first surface in the form of binge drinking and open drug use. Often families don’t know where to turn and choose to avoid confronting the addict during the Holidays and want to wait to help them find treatment until after the holidays. Statistically, waiting out the holidays is one the most dangerous things a loved one can do for an addict. With the highest reported OD’s, traffic fatalities and suicides in December, it is vital that families find effective drug and alcohol treatment immediately.

Narconon has been helping alcohol and drug addicted people since 1966. For over 40 years, Narconon centers have monitored their treatment results all over the world.   A recent analysis of Narconon’s key components led to the revision of the program to where it is now the most effective client-centered Narconon program ever delivered. This new method takes an addict through a precise sequence of rehabilitation procedures which helps eliminate physical drug cravings, corrects addictive behavior patterns, rebuilds relationships and puts them back in full control of their life. A person graduates the Narconon Suncoast program with a clear direction on how to maintain a sober and productive life style

Narconon Suncoast is now located on seven and a half tropical acres in sunny Clearwater, Florida.  The newly opened state-of- the- art facility is fully licensed as a residential treatment center by the Florida Department of Children and Families and accepts those who are ready to leave their lives of addiction behind and build drug-free lives.  If you know someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or for admissions information call (877) 841-5509.  All calls are confidential

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