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I Know I Can Do It!


At the beginning of every addict’s drug use, they simply experimented with drugs. It was either offered by a friend, given at a party or prescribed by a doctor. Once the person took the drugs and felt their effects, they had a thought:

“I can do anything!!!”  (feels self-confident)

“I’m awesome and a rock star!!!”  (doesn’t feel like such a klutz)

“Whoa! I can think better and stay up all night studying.”  (feels smarter and that he can study)

“I feel so good for a change!!!”  (no physical or emotional pain)

The drug solved some sort of problem the person was having. Now they feel as though they live better with the drug than without it.  They are not “addicts” at this point, they are just “users” and feel like they can control their usage.  After a while, physical dependency sets in and the person gets sick if they don’t “use”.  Now they are an “addict”.  So they continue using no matter what happens or who they hurt and do whatever they have to do to make sure they have their drugs.  If they don’t, they’re in pain.  Morals, ethics and integrity are thrown to the wind and go completely out the window. In the addict’s mind, they are doing what they need to do to not be uncomfortable.  They don’t even get “high” anymore!  To family, friends, co-workers, etc. they look completely out of their mind and are barely recognizable anymore. The once well put-together, educated and charismatic person who had a lust for life is now a pale, malnourished, untrustworthy dope-fiend.

Some addicts are lucky enough to make it to a rehabilitation center alive, albeit barely. Others aren’t so lucky and don’t make it at all.  Some families have to deal with the death of their loved one. The family is scarred permanently; blaming themselves and wondering what they could have done differently. The stark reality of addiction is that you absolutely cannot force a person to help themselves. Some addicts get beat up enough by the lifestyle that they kiss the floor of the treatment center once they arrive, so grateful to their families for helping them.

A number of drug addicts, after many failures, false hopes and broken families, have found their solution at Narconon Suncoast.  Narconon is the oldest program of its kind and has been around since the 1960’s. Narconon does not consider a person an addict for life nor looks at its students as “diseased.” The addicts are called “students” instead of “patients” because they are learning how to live life again free of drugs. While an addict’s own religion is important, the Narconon program does not require faith or belief for them to become drug-free for good.

Instead of being made to admit they are “powerless” over their addiction, the program puts the drug use, damage and the whole situation onto the addict themselves as their own responsibility. Essentially, it is their behavior, poor choices and inability to face life’s problems that created their addiction. Their self-determinism is the only force powerful enough to allow them to quit using. The students are gotten off drugs without being put on other drugs, fully detoxed using a proprietary sauna detoxification method and taught how to live life again, repair the past and finally move forward in life.

This video features a recent Narconon Suncoast graduate and details her struggle through addiction and how the program saved her life and put her back on the road to success!

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