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“Looking Forward To My Bright Future”

success at narcononWhen I first came to Narconon Suncoast I felt like a boat lost in the middle of the sea.  I was going through life without motivation to achieve any of my purposes.  I spent a lot of time escaping or trying to escape reality and my problems by getting high.

I arrived in the Withdrawal part of the program very worried, but I was glad that I had made the decision to come handle my drug problem. The withdrawal techniques helped to quiet my mind and helped me focus on just being here and getting help.

In the Sauna detox portion of the program, I started to feel a lot better physically.  My body started to feel renewed and my cravings began to fade.  Next I started the Objectives, which were designed to help me focus on being here now.  The Objectives Course was a big deal for me.  The effect they had on me was amazing.  My mind literally regained its full speed of thinking.  I recovered a lot of my memory and my reaction time became really fast!

The remaining Life Skills courses were great because I realized all the harm I had caused and the dangerous things I had done to myself and my loved ones.  Most importantly, I learned an effective way to stop doing harmful things and how to impact my environment positively.  It was pretty simple, but it changed me for life!  Staying away from harmful people and situations, keeping my own ethics in, being self-disciplined (and really knowing what that is) and finally finding how to follow my own purpose.  This was big because I am being true to myself now and not what others want of me.

During my time on the Narconon program I met a lot of staff and students and consider them my friends. I thank them all for helping me on my program and look forward to meeting you all again in my bright future.


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