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Once Broken By His Past, The Future Looks Bright

Heroin Rehab Success


” I Found My True Self “

I came to Narconon with an open mind and no expectations other than to get clean of opiates. I didn’t realize how amazing the program would be and how life changing my journey through the program would be.

When I arrived I was told what Narconon was all about and I didn’t want to believe that the program would work. I had this thought in my head that the only reason I was here was to get off of heroin and that other drugs would still be acceptable. I was proven wrong.

My entire outlook has changed and I have found my true self. I am only 20, but I have been using drugs and alcohol to create this imaginary “happy” place in my mind for half of my life. I continued to repress all of my negative thoughts and emotions behind this barricade that I made out of drugs. I was literally trapped in a cage in my own head, and step by step through this program, I have broken free. Looking back now, I realize that I had no self-confidence, low self-esteem and this thought in my head that I just couldn’t do any better than I was doing. Man, was I wrong. I can be anything I want to be and I can do anything I want once I set my mind to it.

I’m now determined and motivated to succeed and better my life. I feel better and more clear minded than I ever have. Prior to the program I was destroying myself one day at a time. Although I was a full-time student and had a 35 hour per week work schedule, my focus was on drugs. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I hadn’t been using the whole time. I was breaking my family’s hearts and setting a horrible example for my little brothers. I was running away from all of my problems because I was afraid to confront them and I was being dishonest to myself. Narconon helped me to identify all of these problems, handle them, and most importantly, leave the past in the past.

Narconon’s goal is to help you strive and achieve for a better future. Well, I’m here to say that I am now mentally prepared to tackle whatever life may throw at me without using substances and to achieve my personal goals to ensure a successful future.


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