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Dear Veterans,

Veterans make up a large portion of the population of individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction in the US. Drugs, both pain relievers and psychotropic medications, are the go-to solution for a military that needs its soldiers back on the line sooner rather than later. Drugs seem to be the only solution to dealing with the anxiety, insomnia and nightmares a person experiences during and after returning from deployment.

At Narconon we are committed to saving lives and ending the scourge of addiction. Through our proven rehabilitation technology, the Narconon program will help you regain control of your life and deal with your past traumas. Our sauna detoxification program will not only get the harmful drugs out of your system but also remove the toxic chemicals you may have been exposed to during your tour. The life skills section of our program will help you once again become mentally and emotionally stable while giving you valuable life skills and one-on-one counseling.

As a veteran, you have committed your lives to protecting your fellow Americans, our country and our freedom and we thank and salute you. Because of your sacrifice we are offering a 40% discount for Veterans on all program services in appreciation for your service.

Here’s an amazing success story from a Veteran:

“The cognitive part of the program taught me the way out is the way through. Happiness is not given, it is earned – by confronting your demons and doing right by yourself and your loved ones. I have not only become mentally tougher, but have become spiritually stronger through putting in the work and allowing the cognitive part of the program to do its job.

I feel that I have been set free from a cluttered mind and negative thoughts. I am able to take control of my emotions and have made present time my best friend.  I know I will have rough days ahead, but I finally feel equipped to handle the adversity and push through to a solution. I have learned that my life is my responsibility, and when things don’t go my way I must take charge and handle it with a clear mind.

This program has tied in everything for me. As I did each step on the program, I felt every previous step coming into place. Being in present time, with solid communication, the confidence that I can have anything, control over my mind, body and spirit, and the ability to follow directions, I now feel like a well-oiled machine, who has been repaired from being dysfunctional, to being in pristine working condition.

The program gave me my confidence back, I feel like my brains been rewired. I see and feel the change in myself. I finally feel like I am ready to live a prosperous life. I am prepared to honor myself and my loved ones. I am fully capable of contributing a positive influence on all dynamics in my life and I am ready to show to the world the reinvented me.

I thought I could never change, but this program proved me wrong. I am ready to enjoy my life now.”


For more information call Jason at 727-304-4176 or email at

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randi-drug-rehab-graduate-2The holidays were always a very difficult time of the year for me.  A few years ago, I lost my best friend on Thanksgiving Day due to a heroin overdose and almost immediately after he passed, I tried heroin for the first time.  I had plans to marry him and I had no idea how to handle my devastation.


For years prior to that event, I had been struggling with self-esteem issues and had met many doctors and therapists who diagnosed me with depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder.  Most of the time they insisted the main cause of these disorders was a chemical imbalance in my brain, though I was never give a scan and no proof was ever provided of a “chemical imbalance”.


I was fed many prescription medications and spent a lot of time in counseling and once I became a heroin addict, I was also doing 12-step almost every day.  None of these things that were supposed to help me ever did.  In fact, I progressively felt worse about myself and about my life.


Initially I felt as though drugs helped me feel and handle life better, but eventually I grew to realize it was only making everything so much worse.  I decided the only solution was to put an end to it all.  Exactly one year, one month, one week ago I woke up to the day I was going to commit suicide.  I had everything planned out and set up and I had no doubt in my mind it was the only way to put myself out of my misery.  The moment it would have been the final one, my mom popped into my head.  I saw my best friend’s mom bury her 21-year old son and as badly as I wanted to follow through with it I couldn’t make my mother go through what my best friend’s mom did and bury her baby girl.  I stopped myself, broke down to my mom and begged for help-REAL help.  She found Narconon.


I got through my withdrawal drug free and to my surprise, quite quickly and painlessly.  I moved on from there to sauna detox, a program set up to rid my body of all drugs and other toxic impurities.  This process not only did that but it also gave me my energy and vitality back again.  With the toxins removed and no longer affecting my mind, I found I had a tremendous emotional boost and mental clarity.  I spent the rest of my program obtaining new skills and gaining new abilities to handle life.  This gave me self-control, integrity, purpose, an ethical code, confidence and a completely new outlook on myself and my life.  I arrived at Narconon in pieces engulfed in despair and I left whole and at peace.


Today I am celebrating the holidays sober and sincerely happy.  I wake up every morning with drive; I spend every day being productive and I go to sleep every night with fulfillment.  Had it not been for Narconon, I would be dead and my loved ones would be attempting to get through the holidays without me right now.  My life is based on my decisions — it always has been and it always will be.  I chose death when I used drugs.  I chose survival when I went to Narconon.  I am so proud to say that I am a Narconon Graduate and I am a survivor.

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Cocaine users say that no high is as good as the first one – but they keep chasing that first high.

Drug abusers believe they can quit anytime because stopping cocaine doesn’t cause painful withdrawal symptoms. But cocaine is powerfully addictive, so abusers need the support of a drug and alcohol treatment program that can address cocaine addiction as an emotional and mental dependency.

Pat didn’t think he needed rehab. He didn’t think he was addicted either – he just liked the way cocaine made him feel, It wasn’t until his wife filed for divorce that he even considered rehab.

Most traditional rehabs would put Pat through the steps, convince him he had a life long disease, or worse – put him on endless rounds of meds.

Luckily for Pat, the holistic rehab a friend recommended was able to support his recovery and help him to understand why he’d become a prisoner to the drug.

The problem appeared to be lack of will power or his reason, because he ‘liked it’. Yet how could anyone keep going back to a drug which destroyed his family, wrecked his career and turned him into a person focused on one thing: getting another hit sooner or later. He secretly believed he could never become free of coke. He was wrong.

Cocaine addicts beat their mental and emotional addiction to coke or crack every day, some who are driven need a cure more than water to drink or air to breathe. Pat, like many cocaine addicts found recovery through a non 12 step program called Narconon.

Cocaine can be smoked (as “crack”), snorted, smoked or injected. Sometimes it’s combined with other kinds of drugs, particularly alcohol. Cocaine acts directly on the brain’s production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood and emotion, and causes feelings of euphoria, energy and superiority.

Although Pat told himself he’d quit tomorrow, the drug had created a dependence on cocaine within the brain itself. In rehab, he worked with counselors to understand the mechanisms of his addiction and learn and practice the life skills he needed to relax, feel good, break bad habits and even prosper, therefore loosing the need to get high or use.

In Narconon treatment centers, treatment plans are highly individualized, designed to address the unique issues of every user. Holistic approaches to addiction provide a basis for healthy recovery by rebuilding the body and the mind through practices such as healthy eating, exercise and life skills and a better understanding behind the addictive mind and how to resolve it.

Other aspects of cocaine addiction treatments involve reversing the damaging physical effects and mind altering craziness he’d endured by using. Narconon’s program was so completely different from any other rehab programs he’d tried or heard about that Pat didn’t fully understand the program until he’d experienced the entire program for himself.

It’s like driving through hell or a dark tunnel, and you only see and realize you’ve been in a cave until you’re out and can look at the mountain of crap you’ve been living inside of. Getting through and out of that cave called cocaine addiction is what the specialized programs accomplish.

Daily lifestyle changes to support staying clean helped Pat win back the losses he’d suffered and regain his self respect: his best gain of the program. Participants like Pat learn how they got addicted and how to make small and large changes in behavior and thinking that can help them to avoid using in the future.

Recovery and rehabilitation is worth working hard for. But it’s important to realize, rehab is to enable one to begin living again as a person free of drugs, alcohol and therefore the possibility of future addiction.

Join us.

Narconon Florida reports parents shocked by their child’s high and potentially lethal daily drug dosages when they finally get them to drug rehab for treatment of their prescription addictions

Narconon Florida

Narconon Florida

Quote startMany of the addicts actually feel relieved to be able to let their parent or spouses know just how bad their prescription addiction has gotten and want to be in a safe environment when they finally ‘come clean’ about their usage.Quote end

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

Narconon Florida’s Executive Director, Cheryl Alderman, reports seeing a new trend appearing as parents enroll their children in the Narconon drug-free program. Of the parents present during the initial intake interviews, 95% had no idea of the high and potentially lethal daily drug doses, many prescription drugs, their loved one was taking.

“First of all,” says Ms. Alderman, “let me say that we only service adults at Narconon Florida, so we are talking about adult children here, and it’s normal for their parents or a loved one to bring them in for a consultation and intake Interviews. Many of the addicts actually feel relieved to be able to let their parent or spouses know just how bad their prescription addiction has gotten and want to be in a safe environment when they finally ‘come clean’ about their usage.”

Over time people addicted to drugs build up a tolerance for the substance they are taking and as they continue to use the “Highs” are less high and they must take more drugs just to not be in pain or withdrawal.

“Routinely, people addicted can take 25-30 Oxycontin daily, along with 4-5 Xanax bars and much more on a daily basis. Many say they wake up and roll over in bed to do a line of Cocaine just so they can start the day,” says Alderman.

Not knowing how truly addictive prescription medications can be and having them so readily prescribed in Florida has dramatically increased the amount of prescription drug users seeking withdrawal and rehabilitation services. This trend is also bearing out in the intake reports Alderman sees on a weekly basis at her Narconon Florida center in Clearwater. With many years of experience in drug rehabilitation she says they are seeing prescription drug addicts forming 95% of their new “students” as they call people on their program.

The prescription addiction starts one of several different ways, treatment for an injury, a dental procedure or someone gives them something to feel better and get them through a tough time, or just a little something to pump them up at a party, but no matter what the path of addiction is, it leads to higher and higher does and to the same life ruins: loss of jobs, family, health and more times than not, loss of life.

“In Pinellas County we are losing on average 7-8 people to Oxycontin deaths a week. That statistic alone should make you very cautious of using prescriptions for any more than the recommended time and dose,” says Alderman.

Families who have a loved one that may be suffering with addiction are invited call the center at  888-968-2124  for free information on prescription drug addiction or a confidential assessment. If the addiction has progressed to a point where treatment is needed, counseling and out-patient services are available at Narconon Florida seven days a week.

The Narconon program is unique from other drug rehab programs with it steps that are entirely drug-free; that is, the Narconon drug rehabilitation program does not use drugs or medications to solve the problems caused by drugs, but does use nutrition and nutritional supplements as an important component of its delivery. Thus the program is neither a psychiatric nor medical, but a social education model of rehabilitation.

Narconon Florida, Inc. is located in Clearwater, Fl and is a private non-profit agency that is licensed by the State of Florida. For over a decade they have provided Detoxification and Treatment Services to individuals throughout the nation that are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse with a 78% success rate. The goal of Narconon Florida is to offer effective drug education as well as technology to those in need. The objective of the program is to assist the student back into society by addressing the reduction of incidence with the legal system. The program improves damaged relationships with his/her family, and also gives guidance in making realistic decisions and contributions to society. For more information visit their website at or call  888-968-2124


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