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Renowned Speaker Helps Narconon Suncoast Clients Identify Keys to Successful Sobriety

Bernard Percy Press ReleaseClearwater, Florida — The Narconon Suncoast drug and alcohol rehabilitation center hosted international educator, author and life skills expert Bernard Percy on Sunday, June 5th. Mr. Percy spoke to clients of the Narconon program about creating a successful life after rehab, helping them focus on their own talents and purposes. In this way, each individual will be able to find the most satisfying and rewarding work and activities in their new sober lives.

“My purpose is to help people raise their understanding and awareness of themselves and the roles they play in life and to also inspire them to action,” explained Mr. Percy. “When someone knows what they are good at and love to do, it’s almost impossible to sit around and be unproductive. Identifying and strengthening their talents is key to helping those in rehab start to build powerful and productive post-rehab lives.”

Mr. Percy went on to describe the value of the Life Skills Courses that are a vital part of the Narconon rehab program. “The coursework on this program teaches clients to identify the type of people they benefit from having in their lives. As they identify destructive people in their pasts, it’s easy for them to see why certain situations didn’t work out. They learn tools to improve any situation and deal with what life throws at them. I added a little icing on the cake by helping them discover their own talents and how they can best put those to work helping others. It’s fantastic to see them realize they can be successful. That’s really important to a person recovering from addiction who has usually left all his fulfilling activities behind!”

Narconon Suncoast’s two-year graduate follow-up program further helps each graduate implement these new life skills as he (or she) constructs a productive, enjoyable and sober life for himself. It’s important for each aftercare plan to utilize each individual’s strengths, talents, abilities, resources and inherent values. Mr. Percy’s presentation integrated perfectly with each student’s plan for maintaining future sobriety.

One of Sunday’s participants commented on how he felt about his future after Mr. Percy’s workshop: “I had been pretty nervous about even thinking about what I wanted to do after rehab because I have failed so many times before. After looking at my personality and what I was doing before, I see why I wasn’t successful. I was always faking it! Now I can look for a job or business where I can just be me and not have that stress of pretending to be someone else.”

Another participant said, “I’d like to thank Mr. Percy for helping me remember that I did do some really good things in life that made me proud. I had forgotten that I used to do good things before drugs changed me. Seeing that made me realize I can do that again!”

The Foundations of Brilliance program that Mr. Percy teaches around the world is designed to help people discover and develop their strengths. As these Narconon students identified their own innate talents, they became more capable of drawing on those strengths to overcome life’s challenges. That adds up to being able to maintain productive, drug-free lives.

Narconon Suncoast is located on seven and a half tropical acres in sunny Clearwater, Florida.  The newly opened state-of- the-art facility is fully licensed as a residential addiction treatment center by the Florida Department of Children and Families and accepts those who are ready to leave their lives of addiction behind and build drug-free lives.  If you know someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction or for admissions information call (877) 841-5509.  All calls are confidential.


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