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Why Do I Run? Who Do I Run For? For A Better Future!


When I was younger I saw a lot of kids my age turning to drugs to help handle what they thought were life’s greatest challenges. At that time it may seem like a solution, but what I observed was that getting high or drunk just made the original problem worse and created new ones. The more problems got created, the more they had to lie and create another problem, until one day it was impossible for them to see the original problem they had been trying to solve.

Kids need good role models. They need to become good problem solvers. They need adults who actually take time to tell them the truth about drugs and life. I decided in my teens that I would become one of those adults. Now I volunteer for several youth human rights and anti-drug nonprofit groups.

I chose to support Narconon because they get out there and tell kids the actual truth about drugs. They don’t try to scare kids, they just get them facts that kids can think with and make good decisions. Narconon also teaches parents how to talk to their own and other kids about drugs. And then do that in a way that kids will listen, and look and make different choices.

I get asked about current drug issues like medical marijuana and legalization and I say, get the facts. The fact is that the chemical in pot that helps handle physical pain and has anti-seizure properties has been extracted and is available in pill and tincture form. Why don’t parents or cancer patients just use this easily prescribed and monitored form? Hmmm….makes you look at the facts. Who is making money on selling the idea that weed needs to be available to everyone. And that it’s “Healthy” to smoke weed. The truth is out there, just really go look.

So why do I run? Why do I volunteer? Because I want to help kids be able to think and observe facts and make good decisions. I believe in a better future and we as adults have a responsibility to help the next generations….that’s why I run….walking is too slow!


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