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Why I Love To Help

I love to help othersIt’s amazing how difficult it can be to get someone into treatment. A person isn’t deciding which new car to buy or whether to get whole milk or 2%. They are deciding what program has the best shot to save their loved one’s life. A person must get the right help, right now before they disappear, become unwilling or die.

I know finding treatment can be a very fearful process. There are so many choices. Some are free and some cost a fortune. Some do the 12-steps and others don’t. Families have to worry about the willingness of the addict and whether or not they will stay in a program once admitted. They also hope against hope that they chose the right treatment center. It can be overwhelming and, at times, I hear that uncertainty in the voices of people I talk with on the phone. I’m an Admissions Counselor at Narconon.

I was an addict. By the age of 21, I had been to 3 rehabs and more 12 step meetings than I can count. My parents expected me to relapse after treatment because it happened so many times.

Looking back, it doesn’t seem like that was even me!

I know my family didn’t recognize the person they were looking at. After my second overdose, I realized that drugs were going to kill me. I woke up in the hospital to my mother in tears. She was scared for my life and ashamed of who I had become. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. This was when my parents found Narconon.

It was their last ditch effort to save my life. It worked.

When I talk to families of addicts, I think of my own mother and father. I know what is at stake and I understand that a loved one’s addiction completely tears homes apart. Days or weeks are spent searching for a solution, hoping that the next phone call is the one that changes everything. Everyone is desperate to find a solution before they get the call that it’s too late.

I have gone to meetings, taken medications and tried different treatments. I have seen my parents worried sick about me and I know what drugs do to a family. I also see another side. I see the changes an addict can make on the Narconon program. I get to see them rebuild their relationships, and most importantly, I get to see them finally get some relief from their addiction that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

I help people into the Narconon program because I believe it is the best program on the planet. Narconon restored me back to who I was before drugs. I know that it can help the addict, the family and every aspect of addiction. I trust the people I work with to come in and do their best, day in and day out. There is nothing more satisfying than to watch a person change for the better and make the same changes I made. It’s amazing to see someone become enthusiastic about life again!

I do what I do every day to give that chance to others.


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