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Diving from the Edge of Addiction into Life!

SH flying after graduating the Narconon program

What if you knew you were addicted and needed help, but couldn’t see yourself ever getting clean?

While you waited you pictured all the times you tried to quit and failed. When you got tired of those memories you recalled all the other people you knew who had tried to get clean but never did. Then you made up stories in your head about how horrible it would be, that you’d probably die without it, that life would be no fun, that you’d lose all your friends and loved ones because you wouldn’t be “that person” anymore. You just sat there doing this every day for weeks and months. Weeks and months as your health got worse, your friends vanished and your family all but gave up.

But someone didn’t give up. They knew you were worth saving and they kept searching for a way to get you into a safe environment with people trained to help you get better and regain your life.

A recent graduate of the Narconon Suncoast program knows about waiting inside of an addiction and what happens in your addicted mind, your family and your life while you wait.

When asked what it took to finally get to drug rehab, she laughs and says “I was always a risk-taker, but when it came to going to rehab I did the most lethal thing….I waited and I convinced almost everyone I knew to let me wait. Luckily my Mom and Dad finally cut through all that and like my recent sky-diving adventure, they were the ones who got me to scoot out over the edge and jump! And away I went.

Going to rehab and starting the withdrawal was scarier to me than jumping out of a plane. Every addict fears withdrawal because they’ve experienced how bad it can be and most end up using again and again, just to avoid it. While in withdrawal at Narconon Suncoast I had 24/7 withdraw specialists and nursing care. I felt my anxiety about not having drugs or alcohol lessen each day and all of a sudden I was off. I started to feel good and realized I hadn’t had that kind of support or that kind of feeling of strength in a long time. The staff were not going to let my fears get the best of me. They educated me about my addiction and showed me how this drug-free model works and soon I found myself withdrawn and onto the next part of the program and the next and the next. Each step of the way all my questions were answered and I just kept feeling healthier.

Then one day I started to see the things that had made me start using to begin with. It was so clear to me once I spotted them and I could tackle them one by one, in such a way that I knew those things would never trip me up again. I learned some killer maneuvers (they call them Life Skills) that I knew I would use the rest of my life to maintain my sobriety. Suddenly the fear of relapse was gone too. I was really free to begin looking at what I wanted to tackle in life.

So when I finished my program and went home I decided to celebrate by jumping off the edge again. I got my son (a licensed skydiver) to sign me up for a jump. The instructor was amazing. I trained and I was prepared to do this and do it right. I was really ready to fly and knew I could.

My instructor and I took off and then there we sat on the ledge looking out into the endless blue sky. He instructed me on how we’d rock from left to right to left and then roll on out into the 13,700 foot-high sky together and fly down to earth.

And man was he right! We were flying and I was loving it. What a rush! Even with all that adrenaline, I was so in the present moment that I could catch my breath, focus on things and see the horizon and fly with him. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Before I knew it, I was pulling up my legs and we landed lightly on the ground in a near-perfect exhibition. So precise, just like he said it would go, just like we had practiced and so much fun!

Similarly if I had known that coming to Narconon and getting sober was going to be the same way, I would have scooted up to the edge of recovery sooner. I had no idea that recovery could really work and that there were exact steps to have me get better and that I was the one in charge of my recovery and my life. My previous fears and everything I made up about it stopped me from letting people help me. I am so thankful my parents got to me to Narconon and gave me this chance to get my life back.

I now know that I had the power to recover all along. I simply needed to find a program that taught me how and guided me along the way. I found my own confidence and strength again at Narconon. I found my fearless self, the one I love to be.

I know that I am stronger than ever and that I am willing to be even more fearless than before. I have a beautiful family and wonderful friends to help me soar as high as I want without ever thinking of using again!

If you are sitting on the edge of addiction thinking, and thinking, and thinking about rehab. Stop it! Get real help and get it now! Take a chance on yourself and your future and soar right out into your new life, free from drugs for good!

I did it, thousands do it every day and you can too!



S.H. Narconon drug rehab graduate

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