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I would never have enough words to thank everybody at Narconon

V.R -- a drug rehab program graduate!

It was not easy to come to Narconon and not know where to begin fixing my life. At first when I got to withdrawal, I was very sick, confused and anxious. Travis sat with me and offered me his help from day one and helped me see that everything would be okay, and it was. Withdrawal helped me stabilize my body and start to have a clear mind.

After withdrawal when I started sauna, I loved it. For the first time in a very long time I felt revitalized, healthy, and full of energy. I feel so healthy and clear after completing sauna that I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Objectives taught me a lot. First, I went back to basics. I had to do exercises that were repetitive, but they have the purpose to focus you on the environment, and I learned to do things such as control myself, body and mind, be present in the moment, confront a situation that may seem uncomfortable and get as much out of it as possible. Objectives taught me how communication is vital in building relationships and for me to be happy and clear of what’s going on around me.

After objectives, I completed my Life Skills books. I had to really evaluate the people in my life and decide who I want to associate with going forward. I also had to handle painful and uncomfortable situations with people I hurt during my addiction. I had to clean my conscience by writing up all the bad things I had done and how I had withheld them from others. That was when all of the hard work paid off.  Suddenly my entire program made sense. I couldn’t have been able to think clearly without doing sauna, and I wouldn’t have been able to confront and act on uncomfortable situations that drove me to addictions without working through the objectives.

Today, I can honestly say I feel relieved, revitalized, and most, if not all guilt is gone, because I found the problem and worked to fix it with a clear mind and clear goals in the future. I would never have enough words to thank everybody at Narconon. Everybody touched my life significantly and added value to my experience.


V.R. Graduate Success Story

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