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Narconon is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life.

When I arrived at Narconon I was beat up, broken and wasn’t completely sure I was ever going to be able to live my life drug-free and happy. Narconon gave me the chance to do so.
My addiction all started in 2008 when my grandfather died. I used that as an excuse to start getting into drugs. I couldn’t handle the reality, I would say. I would also think to myself how unhappy I was with the way I was or the way I felt. Narconon changed all that for me. I had been to several in-patient treatment centers before Narconon, but I never had any intention of doing better because I never thought I could.
For 5 years of my life I had been using cocaine, LSD, alcohol, OxyContin, marijuana and heroin on a daily basis to extreme excess. I had almost died two times from “falling out”. I had quit jobs and ran from confrontation.  I had used anger and emotion to make those around me wrong and lie to them. I had destroyed relationships with everyone, including my family and all of my friends. I broke the law and had a death wish. Before I came to Narconon, I remember my Dad saying to me, “Junior, it is not a matter of how much we love you… It is a matter of how much we like you.” Those words stuck with me and I used that as another excuse to go out and get loaded.
Narconon showed me how to confront my life and be responsible for myself and others. It helped me rebuild trust and love between myself and my family. When I arrived, I had so much worry and was concerned I wouldn’t like it or I would just want to leave. Those concerns went away so quickly. I was greeted with kindness and generosity, the likes of which I had never seen from people I had never met. I went through the Withdrawal Step and it was rough for me. It was July in Florida and VERY hot, but I made it through.
I moved on through the program with relative ease because the material made so much sense to me. It put a name to and helped me fix and re-create the areas of my life I wanted so badly to be whole and working. My favorite course was the Narconon Personal Values Course. I learned so much about myself and how the different areas of my life intertwine with each other to create a balance and that if one of those areas goes out of whack, the rest are soon to follow. Recognizing this, I had gained a level of responsibility for myself I had never had before. I was able to look at my wrongdoings and really make an effort to make those wrongs right. There was no other program I had done or had been involved with which gave me that chance.
Narconon is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life.  Completing the Narconon Program is an accomplishment that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
I am one of the luckiest people in the entire world, to be able to have this chance and move forward without having to move any steps back!
Thank you, Narconon, for saving me!
-John R. L.

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December 30, 2015

Susan Spinuzza @ 8:40 am #

Johnny- I am so very happy for you. What a difficult journey you have been through. Thanks for sharing.
Sue Spinuzza

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