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” I really feel confident that I can become successful in life now “

Brandon B Success StoryBefore coming into Narconon Suncoast I was badly addicted to Xanax and was in really big legal trouble. When I first came into withdrawal I didn’t know what to expect. I got through it with the help of the caring staff who helped me to feel better day by day. I got into the sauna detoxification program and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to sweat out all the drug residues in my body. I really felt healthy when I was done. Better than I have in years.

After sauna I went on to the objectives portion of the program. It was hard at first but I pushed through and got a lot out of it and I’m now able to put the past to rest. I really got a lot out of the ethics portion of the program. I had to look very hard at my life and figure out where and when I started going down the wrong path. Now I can see when I start to make poor decisions and fix it before I get out of control. I really feel confident that I can become successful in life now because of the Narconon Program. I can be a successful, independent adult now that I have the tools to succeed.


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