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I feel like I used to before doing any drugs

I feel like I used to before doing any drugs.

When most people in recovery say they went through a detox, they are usually talking about the process of coming off the drugs they have been taking. Some detoxes involve close medical supervision as a person goes through withdrawal because of danger to the individual’s health and some are just places where a person goes through a few days being tapered off opiates before they go to rehab.
But truthfully, going through those kinds of detox leaves a person with a burden of drug residues lodged in their bodies. When a body breaks down drugs or alcohol to eliminate them, the process is incomplete. Some residues of this breakdown remain lodged in fatty tissues where they can continue to have an effect on a person’s mood, thinking, cravings and life.

That’s why the first step of rehab at Narconon Suncoast is the New Life Detoxification Program. Each day on this program, an individual exercises moderately, takes a strictly-controlled supply of nutritional supplements, oils and liquids and spends time in a dry-heat sauna. This combination activates the body’s ability to reach into its storage and flush away these residues.

After about three weeks, it’s obvious to the recovering person that something has changed. His (or her) outlook changes, his mood brightens and his thinking is clearer. Many people also say that their cravings are reduced to manageable levels. Some people even say they are now gone.

M.C. is a Narconon student who just completed this step. His story brings home how important this deep detoxification step is to a person who wants to spend the rest of his life sober.

Sauna detoxification success story

“After the first day on the New Life Detoxification Program I was feeling great. However, now that I have completed this step, I feel like I used to before doing any drugs. I feel like there are no more cravings and the drugs are completely gone from my body. I had a lot of time to think about how I don’t want to return to using drugs. I want to live and enjoy life more. Drugs controlled me and I want to control myself. I know now I can do anything without the use of drugs.” M.C.

To learn more about the New Life Detoxification Program and Narconon, call Narconon Suncoast today at 1-888-248-1361.

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