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Thank you, Narconon, for saving my son!

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Seven years ago, I learned that my only son was addicted to drugs. This would change my life forever and his.
Upon learning of this tragedy, my devastation led me to force him into rehab after rehab which devastated his spirit and mine. It seemed as though he just went through the motions and after completing each program, he went back to the same habits he was so desperate to overcome. Finally, three and a half years ago, I detached from him. It truly was the most horrible thing I had ever had to do in my life but all the professionals helped me to do it to save his life. After a year, John had hit rock bottom. No money, no family, no love, nothing.
One day, my phone rang and it was my son. He asked me for help and wasn’t forced into getting help. He said, “Mom, I can’t go to a meeting every day and say that I am an addict and feel horrible about myself for the rest of my life.” It was at this point that we decided to find “non-traditional” rehabilitation. We found Narconon and thank God we did!
My son has learned he has the power within himself. He is the center of his own universe. This is what Narconon has empowered my son to feel; hope, control and peace. I am convinced that this program and its philosophies truly saved my son’s life. Without it, I am afraid of what would have happened to Johnny. This program has also helped me to look at addiction differently and helped me to accept my son, his philosophies and his sobriety in a very positive and loving manner.
If you, or a loved one can’t seem to find an answer to your addiction, Narconon will help you find that answer and help you to become the person that you have always been and who you were meant to be. Thank you, Narconon, for saving my son!
— Marcia L.

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