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Narconon taught me how to be a man of great integrity

Before doing the Narconon program, my life was in shambles. I had come close to dying several times and wasn’t shaken by it. I was so unhappy with who I was as an individual, that dying didn’t scare me enough to want to change.

I was the kind of person who didn’t care about anyone. If you were someone I could exploit, I would exploit you. It didn’t matter if you were family or not. My addiction had gotten to the point where there were no lines or boundaries. I wasn’t that person deep down, but that’s what I had to do to keep feeding my habit. Knowing that I wasn’t that person, but doing it anyway made me want to run and hide even more. I was going nowhere fast and exhausted by the everyday grind of screwing people over. I had toyed with the idea of rehab many times, but always figured it would never be a doable thing for me and I couldn’t swallow my pride enough to go and have everyone know I had a drug problem, even though they already knew.

When I told my parents I needed to go to rehab, I was just blowing smoke to get them off my back. The next day, my mom came and asked me if I was serious about seeking treatment and told me that she and my dad had found a place called Narconon. They told me a little about it, but all I really knew was I needed to go. I told her that I did want help. Immediately I then thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” I was emotionally distraught, but my Dad told me to take the time to work on me and find my way.

When I arrived at Narconon, I didn’t know what to think, but for the first time in a long time, I felt peace. I was shocked by how nice everyone was and how genuine they were. As I went through the withdrawal, I began to realize the beauty of living a healthy, sober life. It was the first time I had been sober in a long time. I was quietly overwhelmed with excitement. All I could think about was getting out of withdrawal and changing my life.

After about a week in withdrawal, I started my sauna detox program. In sauna, I detoxed my body and it felt amazing. I then moved onto the objectives part of the program and became aware of myself and my environment. As drug addicts, we develop blinders to both physical objects and mental things. The objectives program peeled these blinders off. I also learned the importance of being in present time, not dwelling on the past, nor worrying about the future. This helped me a lot.

I then moved onto the Life Skills part of the program where I learned how to tell which kind of people I needed to surround myself with. I also learned how to deal with all the bad things I had done. It felt amazing to get the negative baggage off my chest and actually handle what I had done. During the final parts of the program, I was able to see the issues which had negatively affected every aspect of my life. With that information, I was able to address those issues and take the exact steps to bettering myself.

rehab-integrity-wordNarconon taught me how to be a man of great integrity and to be a man of my word. They helped me bring out the Cameron that’s always been in me. I’ve never been more proud of myself than when I decided to come to Narconon. It was the best decision of my life and I recommend it to anyone who wants to better themselves and their life.

Narconon didn’t give me my life back. It gave me a better life. It made me the man I always wanted to be; not only for me, but for my family and loved ones.

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