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Graduate Details the Changes that Paved the Way to his New Sobriety

JC 2016 drug rehab graduate

J.C. is a 2016 graduate of the Narconon Suncoast drug rehab program. The way he details his accomplishments illustrates how the Narconon program can help anyone.

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Here’s his story.

I’ve been to several Twelve Step treatment facilities and they never seemed to work for me. Now that I’ve completed the Narconon program, I know why they didn’t work for me. It was like I was just there filling a bed. They didn’t actually work with me one-on-one like here at Narconon and resolve some of the issues I had.


When I was in withdrawal at Narconon, I never had restless leg syndrome once. Taking their calcium-magnesium drink and getting assists* really helped out, too. My kick was probably the easiest I’ve ever had. My body really didn’t hurt at all.

The New Life Detoxification Program

Once I got to the sauna detox, I was able to sleep at night and all night which was awesome. I was able to sweat out all the drugs that were in my body.


When I got to Objectives, I gained lots of patience. I was able to complete the course whereas before, I would have just given up and quit. I did have a moment where I lost my temper, but with the patience I had gotten, I was able to go back in and finish with the help of the staff talking me through it.

Life Skills

When I got to Ups and Downs in Life, I was able to recognize the difference between anti-social and social personalities.

When I got to Changing Conditions in Life, that’s when I really started to change. My attitude towards people changed and the way I view things has changed. When I came to Narconon, I was an egomaniac with an inferiority complex and no one was going to tell me anything I didn’t already know. I thought I knew everything. Boy, was I wrong! During this course, I was able to find out the reason why I started doing drugs in the first place and it was long before I picked up a drink or a drug.

This program has saved my life and I’m very thankful I was able to find it and make it here.

*assists: gentle procedures that calm the body and mind; many people say they help them relax as they go through withdrawal.

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