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Success Story: Ups and Downs in Life Course — J.D.

Ups and Downs Narconon rehab life skills course coverBefore I started the Ups and Downs in Life course I truly believed I knew what my problems were and how to handle them myself. After writing down the people in my life and talking about how I have affected these people things started to click. The Ethics Officer really helped me through this process and made me realize more in depth the things about those people in my life and how they’ve affected me. Mainly I now understand myself as a person. The part that I was uncomfortable with was confronting these people in my life because I have always had a problem with confronting things in my past. After handling each of those people in my life it was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders each time. One thing I learned was that I am capable of confronting my problems and how much better things can be by communicating how you feel. My mindset has changed dramatically since I have been here, especially after this course. I feel much better about myself and how I have handled all of the people in my life. I am ready to move on to the next part of the program and come one step closer to where I want to be as a person.

J. D.

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