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I Ran from the Police, But I Couldn’t Run from Myself

   I couldn't run from myself  “My life before Narconon was chaos, if I could put it simply. I started using drugs at a very young age, but I was basically a “weekend warrior.” Then around 7 years ago, I found myself doing pain killers. Before I knew it, I became completely addicted to them, the drugs took over and began to control every aspect of my life. I started losing jobs, friends, family and relationships. I was running from the police and enemies every day, all day. After three other failed rehab attempts, I found myself stuck running the streets. My parents lived in fear that I would end up dead or in prison and I was at the point in my life where I had no hope and basically didn’t even care if I died. Then my mom called me one day with one last opportunity to change my life and go somewhere that was completely different than anything I had ever tried.

    “That’s when I came to Narconon. I was coming off serious amounts of drugs when I walked through the gates. During my withdrawal, the staff did everything they could to make it comfortable for me. After about 2 weeks of “kicking,” I went into the sauna detox portion of the program. I was actually excited to sweat out all the drugs I had done and find out for myself if it really worked.

“It actually works!

     “I came in to the program at 166 pounds. After withdrawal and sauna my weight came back up to normal at 196 pounds. Sauna finally freed my mind of cravings and thoughts of wanting to use. I’ve never felt this well in body, mind and spirit. Now, at this point in my program, I ‘m willing and able to actually work on myself and change my life. My mom and I genuinely laugh together when she visits or we talk on the phone. My dad is finally willing to speak to me and see me. I plan on relocating away from the town I’ve known for so long and start over somewhere new with a completely different mindset. I would recommend this program to anyone trying to free themselves and become drug and alcohol free for good.

“It really works and I’m proof of that!”


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