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” Narconon Suncoast helped me to be happy again! “

Sommer Narconon SuccessBefore I came to Narconon Suncoast I was very depressed. Every day, I was getting high and hating myself for it. I wasn’t happy and I for sure didn’t feel good about myself. I was turning my back on my family, pushing them away and making them worry about me. Every day was a struggle to even put on a fake smile.

I knew I had a bad problem when my grandmother bailed me out of jail and I promised her I would straighten my life out and that night I was smoking meth off of tin foil in her basement. After that, things only got worse. I couldn’t hold any jobs and I thought my family hated me. On January 24th 2016 my best friend died of a traumatic brain injury. His funeral was on January 28 which is my birthday. That really hit home for me. Not only did I not go to his funeral but I was getting high on meth which is the thing that killed my best friend.

This made me realize how serious this really was and on February 7th, 2016 I told my family that I needed help with my addiction and I couldn’t do it by myself. Within a week I was on the plane from Missouri to Tampa, starting the first step to a hopeful, better life.

I was on my way to Narconon Suncoast and I was scared because I had never been to a place so far away from my family, friends and the life I knew for so long. I didn’t know what to expect. I got to Narconon, angry at the world and coming down off meth. Despite my lack of kindness, everyone welcomed me in and helped me beyond words to get over my withdrawal. Every day I would wake up and I would feel so much more alive and better than I did the day before. I met some of the nicest, best, ready-to-help staff. That was one of my favorite things. Also the other students were even happy to help me, which was a bit unexpected.

Going through the sauna detox was a big fear of mine because I didn’t know if my body would let me go through the process because of all the damage I’ve done to it. Once I got into the sauna it was truly amazing to watch my body completely change. My skin looked and felt so much better, going to sleep at night was so much easier and the best thing is that my cravings for meth went away. I could really smile every day, not having to put on a fake sense of happiness. This was the best thing I’ve experienced in such a long time.

Narconon Suncoast has helped me with more than just my addiction. It has helped me to be happy again and to find myself when I thought the happy woman I once knew was gone forever. This was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If you really want a better life and a happier life I would recommend Narconon Suncoast 100%!


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